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Just busy with uni assignments. Hopefully I can do a new plushie this week :)

PokePlushies is finally finished, and you can access it at

I will be putting images up throughout the weekend, including my very old designs, such as Mewtwo #3:

The older images won't look that great because I didn't line them properly. But yeah! Plenty of stuff on the site now. You can name them as well.

For all of the nice comments since my return to dA. Doing my best to get things going again around here, as well as juggling other work at the same time :)

I still have plenty more pokemon to add. I have some that I drawn in 2011! Eep...

Hope you enjoy the artwork all :) Hopefully you'll see more original stuff from me too :)
For all of the upload spam :(
So I'm back now and I moving the plushies here, finally!

Give me a few days; I have started getting things together... got me that good ol' premium to make my life easier :)

Feel free to add my plushies to any groups.

What are your favourites of Gen 6? (to those that are still here lol)
I've decided to move the PP plushies here for everyone to enjoy, instead of a separate website. I will make a folder of all the small, adoptable size plushies for you. You won't be able to name them currently, but if you wish to use them as avatars, make your own customisable adopts, etc. you can!
The site is pretty much coded now. I'm still hesitant to rerelease it until we get enough patchworks on there... but this is what the adoptables look like:

You don't have to worry about spamming for levels or anything - you don't need to do that for this site.

What else would you like to see there? Some progress shots maybe?
My dA will be updated more frequently now.

So watchers, feel free to make patchwork requests, I might grant it if it's popular enough!
I've decided to reopen my gallery. All fanart/random junk here... more personal stuff will be in my blog.

Enjoy looking!
All weekend I've found my art stolen over the internet. I don't know what to do anymore.

So my gallery is closed until then. Sorry guys. x.x
I will be updating my scraps gallery EVERYDAY. So don't forget to look there, you might get some sneak previews... of... stuff. O____O

If you requested art, the preliminary sketch will be in there. SO DON'T YELL AT ME. ;~;